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August 6, 2005

tripping in virginia
posted by soe 10:43 pm

We headed out to Virginia today and checked out a local winery — Chrysalis Vineyards. I don’t drink, but it seemed like a nice place. Rudi got to sample some of their local wines (which he seemed to enjoy) and got to keep the wineglass!

I curled up with a book at a shady picnic table and took in the vineyard’s bucolic surroundings. It was just very peaceful — and hard to believe that we were a mere 35 miles from a large city.

They have a fairy for a logo. You see how I judge my alcohol. Pretty bottles, nice logos. Who cares what’s inside?

We then went to Middleburg where I went on a five-mile bike ride and Rudi continued on for another 15. The power went out in Middleburg while we were there, forcing nearly everything to close. Not the best way to enjoy small-town Virginia, but a fun Saturday, nonetheless.

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