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October 29, 2020

final october unraveling
posted by soe 1:45 am

Final October Unraveling

This week brought some literal unraveling as I was knitting in the dark and managed, in a move I still don’t quite understand, to wrap the yarn entirely around my cuff without noticing until several rows later. I attempted to just rip back to where I made the mistake, but did I mention it was dark…?

Anyway, even if I do not finish by Halloween, I will finish in the next week or so, and I vote these are autumnal colors and I will wear them with pleasure in November. Then maybe I’ll finish the socks I started in March 2019…

In the last week I finished How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse and read more of We Ride Upon Sticks. (I’ve reached Halloween night in Salem, Massachusetts.) I started a middle-grade nonfiction book written by a guy I grew up with, but it’s about dinosaurs and I don’t feel like reading about dinosaurs right now.

So I started listening to Nothing Is Wrong and Here Is Why by Washington Post humor news columnist Alexandra Petri. Have you read her Petri Dishes column? May I suggest it may be the only thing to make you laugh over the next couple weeks while we battle for the soul of our country?

I also picked up two novels to keep my mind occupied in the next week. First, I’m going to read Brandy Colbert’s The Voting Booth, because it’s about young people being hugely invested in voting, and I’m desperately hoping they come through for us this year.

Then, while we wait to find out our fate, I’m going to read Evie Dunmore’s Bringing Down the Duke, which is feminist historical fiction and seems likely to have the happy ending I will require in every book until real life presents us with the same.

What sort of comfort reading do you have lined up for the next couple weeks?

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