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October 11, 2020

home alone, day 1
posted by soe 2:22 am

Gerber Daisies

Treat Yo’ Self Day is later this week. I’m celebrating early.

Rudi headed out west early this morning, so after returning from the airport, I took myself back to bed. Corey kindly did not argue with my sleeping in.

I got up, had some breakfast, and then took a nap on the sofa. Apparently I was tired.

I did eventually rouse myself to head outdoors. I hopped on the bike, did a little reading outside, and then stopped by Trader Joe’s and the garden. In the book I’d been reading, The Trouble with Hating You, I’d just finished an Indian baby shower scene with detailed descriptions of the buffet. You can guess where this led…

Food and Food for Thought

I came home with their pumpkin samosas (among other things). I combined amba sauce with yogurt for some dipping sauce. It was a fantastic combination. Who said cooking had to be hard!

Ice Cream Sundae

I also heated up hot fudge sauce for dessert, which I had after a scene where the main characters went out for gelato!

And then, because I still wasn’t done with the book, I paired half a bag of snack mix (think Chex mix, but made with Indian ingredients, like chickpeas and curry leaves and puffed rice) with a mug of chai.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad Saturday. Here’s hoping my next book is equally inspiring!

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