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November 16, 2019

mid-november weekend planning
posted by soe 1:54 am

Rudi comes home from Salt Lake, where he’s been visiting his mom, tomorrow night. I’m really looking forward to seeing him. Besides his return, here’s what I’m thinking this weekend should hold:

  • Cook the quince that I promised Rudi would not still be hanging around when he returned home. If they’re on the stove when he gets back, that counts, right?
  • Do laundry, since I did none while he was away and I’ll be traveling for work most of this coming week.
  • Hang up the fairy lights around the living room, because we didn’t do that before Rudi left and it’s definitely easier with two people because of the way the furniture is arranged.
  • Go to the library, where some new holds have come in.
  • Ride bikes. Maybe separately. Maybe together. Mine will involve riding to hot beverages. Rudi’s may involve hills.
  • Finish those last rows on my shawl so I can consider blocking it while I’m at my folks’ place for Thanksgiving.
  • Put away ten things. Because my living room looks like it’s been a homeless encampment for the past year, and even my dead grandmother could put away a mere ten items.
  • Find a pair of jeans. Yes, I should have just ordered some online so I’d have a decent pair to travel with. But I didn’t.
  • Pull together my Virtual Advent Tour announcement.
  • Soak up some sunshine on Saturday, because Sunday’s forecast looks overcast.

Man, my weekend looks like I’m going to be way more productive than my life suggests I’ve been otherwise lately. Fingers crossed that I get through at least half of this list…

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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