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November 14, 2019

midweek music: country collaborations
posted by soe 1:29 am

I turned on ABC when I got home tonight in anticipation of decompressing to an episode of Stumptown. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on. However, the Country Music Awards were. I’m not a huge fan of awards show, but this had both a number of collaborations where I recognized at least the name of one of the artists and more singing than talking, so I dozed through the second two thirds of the show.

Here are a couple performances from it:

Here, I knew the song and Sheryl Crow. I’ve heard the name Dierks Bentley, but honestly I couldn’t have told you if it was a person or a group before tonight. (In case you were also wondering, he’s a guy and “Dierks” is his middle name.) Also performing are Chris Janson, Joe Walsh (he’s from The Eagles) and John Osborne.

This is a mashup of Lady Antebellum’s “What If I Never Get Over You?” and Halsey’s “Graveyard” and includes some amazing harmonies.

There was also a nice performance by Thomas Rhett of “Remember You Young,” but I can’t find a video of that anywhere for you. I’d never heard of him before, but it was a very pretty song.

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