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September 12, 2016

regular-length (too short) weekending
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Why is it that after a long weekend that the workweek, which should feel short feels twice as long as normal, and the next weekend, which should feel like a typical two days feels like you’ve barely had time to get home from work before you’re heading back in?

Anyway, this weekend started with two-thirds of the original Ghostbusters (I misjudged the start time) at the park near my house. (My main thought while watching it? Why is it that those guys didn’t have to prove their prowess to people once they started catching ghosts? Why did everyone just assume they were? Did the writers of the new Ghostbusters film feel their crew had to justify what they were doing because we are more jaded and suspicious than we were 30 years ago or because they were women? I get it’s fiction, but it made me think.)

Yesterday I slept in and then read from about six different books. I took myself out to dinner when Rudi had a volunteer thing, and then I went grocery shopping. I painted my nails, drank cocoa, and (after my nails were dry) ripped the problem sock back to before I screwed it up and got it sorted back out.

Adams Morgan Day lunch

Samosas at the Adams Morgan Day Festival

Today, we went to the farmers market, watched the final stage of the Vuelta a España, and then went out for the afternoon. We walked over to the Adams Morgan Day Festival, which was more scaled back and focused locally than it’s been lately, and ate cookies from The Cake Room (where we ran into our garden manager) and Indian food from Jyoti.

Cicada, Not a Pepper

We then headed to the garden, where we watered, harvested some tomatoes (I may have crowed over two plum-sized tomatoes the squirrels hadn’t bothered to eat), four beans (two long ones and two purple ones), basil, and a potato, and ripped out a couple of tomato plants that had gone by, as well as the kale decimated by bronze beetles. I did not harvest a cicada I originally mistook for a weird pepper. We concluded our outing by heading up to Politics and Prose for their member sale, where I bought some presents. We returned home for a traditional summer supper of corn on the cob and capreses.

Sunday Sunset

As I said, over too fast!

How was your weekend?

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