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January 26, 2015

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Because of weather predicted in Pennsylvania, where Rudi coaches skiing on the weekend, we decided the smart idea was for him to spend Saturday night out there, rather than making the trip back to D.C. in what could have been treacherous conditions.

That, of course, meant I had even a few more hours to fill myself.

I did not have to fill it all myself, of course. Yesterday, Sarah and I met up for milkshakes (and lunch) at Ted’s Bulletin. Sarah opted for a more traditional burger and fries, while I was delighted to discover they’d not yet sold out of the mythical cinnamon rolls they billed as being “as big as your head.” I’d always wondered if that was hyperbole. I’m here to tell you it’s not:

me and a cinnamon roll

That’s a dinner plate, folks, and the icing arrived in a gravy boat. I made it around that first outer ring yesterday at the restaurant, through part of the second as a late-night snack, and finished it off as brunch today. Not surprisingly, I was very excited to eat some vegetables this evening.

Sarah was not the only one to take pity on my lonely existence. Susan and Phillip invited me over early this evening to hang out with them and their children. We read stories, built train tracks, and caught up on things.

I also filled my time with reading from Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Neil Patrick Harris’ Choose Your Own Autobiography, the format of which was so diverting that it caused my metro stop to disappear. (I swear I looked up, noticed I only had one more stop to go, got off at it, and discovered it was the stop after where I needed to be.) I knit a little on my cowl, although less than I wanted to. However, as it turns out, there may be an error in the pattern, so a lack of progress was less devastating than it might have been otherwise.

I broke in a new lounging cardigan. It’s a long, oatmeal-colored hoodie made of cotton and cashmere that I picked up on Friday (along with a new pair of pj’s) at a deep, deep discount from TJ Maxx. One of the nice things about knitting is that I know how much yarn costs, and let’s just say I got a really good deal.

I spent quite a bit of Saturday night on Netflix. I discovered a couple episodes of Leverage I’d somehow missed over the years; started a new series, The Fosters, about a two-mom house and the brood of children living with them (biological, adopted, and foster); and Rent, which, in retrospect, was a poor choice for a winter night on my own. (On a related note, I bought more tissues today.)

I went to the farmers market, the highlight of which was frozen raspberries that I have not yet decided what I’m going to do with. I may save them for something birthday’ish next month.

I took myself on a nearly 6-mile walkabout, stopping by the library to pick up Ms. Marvel along the way and enjoying the nice weather. (We did not get any of the snow that hit the northeast yesterday, and by today it was 50.)

This evening, Rudi helped me get the bin out of the closet I’m hoping to relocate the ornament boxes into. That process prompted a bit of an organizing/cleaning spree for both of us, so putting the ornaments away will have to wait for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with him then.

Weekending along with Pumpkin Sunrise.

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