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January 5, 2015

first weekending of 2015
posted by soe 1:18 am

I wasn’t feeling fantastic this weekend (although didn’t realize that at first), so laid low while Rudi was away coaching a ski race. I did accomplish a few things, which I’m citing to making myself feel less like a slug:

Yesterday, I intentionally did not get out of my pjs. (Well, that’s not totally true. When I got up, I put on clean pjs.) I did put on shoes briefly to go get the mail, because it was a drippy, grey weekend and I didn’t want to get my wool slippers wet, but that was it. I ate leftover soup and drank a lot of tea and polished off all the open bags of pretzels (so they didn’t go stale, of course).

I dealt with the bag of clementines I bought at Trader Joes on Tuesday. I’m used to losing one or two clementines out of a group, but this bag was ridiculous. A third were too rotten to do anything with, another third needed to be trimmed in some way, and only the final third are edible in their entirety. Ridiculous! I did some handwashing (all my handknit socks were dirty!). I catalogued the yarn I received for Christmas in Ravelry and spent far too much time there contemplating patterns for the neon(ish) skein I think needs to be knit up this month and mulling over hat patterns. I read a couple Christmassy short stories in My True Love Gave To Me, watched three episodes of SHIELD and a Disney Christmas special from the ’90s on Netflix, and lit candles to keep the darkness at bay.

Today, I thought, would be more productive, but it was not. I did get dressed and went to the farmers market. I did manage some more handwashing and the dishes before I took to my sickbed, but that’s where Rudi found me when he arrived back home tonight. I felt better after a nap and some drugs, so curled up in the living room to enjoy the premiere of Galavant, eat dinner, and watch Love, Actually.

I did succeed in signing up for some January activities over the weekend, including Bout of Books, which started at midnight (When I Was the Greatest ended up as the first pick, with library due dates winning out); Amanda’s journal-writing class, which begins in the morning; and a session of winter volleyball that won’t start for two weeks yet. I’d like to find something to do on the weekends, so I think I’ll look into a couple volunteer options and maybe a knitting class (although that didn’t work out so well for me last winter).

How about you? How was your weekend?

Weekending along with Pumpkin Sunrise.

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