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January 17, 2015

weekend: begin again
posted by soe 3:54 am

This week has been… well, it’s been unproductive. I’m hoping that this weekend will include some sleep, which certainly couldn’t hurt my chances of improving upon it next week.

I’m hoping to get a bunch of things done this weekend, in addition to the sleeping:

  • Enjoy the last few days of our Christmas tree. I’ve been really impressed at how supple it’s remained, holding onto its needles and continuing to look pretty as it crosses the six-week mark tomorrow since we cut it.
  • Soak up sunshine. I desperately need to spend some time in the light. Tomorrow and Monday’s forecasts look clear, with Monday’s looking warmer. Tomorrow I may seek out a sunny window, but Monday should definitely include some outdoor time.
  • Make use of the rainy day. Sunday is looking gloomy, but I need to spend some quality time indoors getting stuff done. That would be a really ideal time to tackle some overdue chores.
  • Work on my new knitting project.
  • Wind some yarn.
  • Finish a book. (I have five actively in-progress. It’d be nice to move at least one of those to the completed pile.)
  • Book a plane ticket. I want to see my family next month and there’s a fare sale on Southwest.
  • Get the bin out of my side of the closet and empty it. The fake milk crate we used to store half our Christmas ornaments in broke the day of our holiday party and has been thrown away. This bin is large, annoys me, and takes up valuable real estate in my closet. Moving it to the other closet will fix my problem, but I know it’s going to raise some fit issues there, too.
  • Get caught up on my journaling class and my beta reading.
  • Make Restaurant Week reservations.
  • Look for a new pair of jeans. (Most of mine are no longer work-appropriate and I’d like to fix that.)
  • Write my reading wrap-up post for 2014 — and publish it.

It’s a three-day weekend for us, so the odds of getting some of those things accomplished are good.

What’s on your weekend to-do list?

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