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January 8, 2014

10 favorite moments from 2013
posted by soe 2:21 am

Carole’s Ten on Tuesday topic today is 10 Favorite Moments from 2013:


  1. Rudi’s and my camping trip in October in New Hampshire
  2. John & Nicole’s wedding
  3. Throwing Rudi a surprise 40th birthday party
  4. Spending a sunny October afternoon in upstate New York with Eri and Eric
  5. Concerts outdoors at the Yards nearly every Friday during the summer
  6. Treating BW and her students to dinner the night before the inauguration
  7. Grey Kitten quitting his job to work on his novel
  8. Meeting Eliot Schrefer, Rainbow Rowell, and Elizabeth Wein at book signings
  9. Signing up for Amanda’s Write Now class led to many moments with pen and paper (albeit still not as much time as I’d like to get to)
  10. My two day-trips to the beach

Still Summer

The problem with this kind of list is that once you start, it’s really hard to stop. My grandmother’s and my dad’s successful surgeries should be on the list, as should emailed Valentine’s Day cards from Karen’s kids. Sunrise on the summer solstice, exploring coffeehouses with Rudi, and the art-all-night party also are missing above, as are half a dozen other happy moments that spring to mind. And I guess that’s all one can really hope for from a life, right?

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