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April 4, 2013

monthly goals: april
posted by soe 2:57 am

So February’s and March’s goals were all pretty much a bust. The other ice rink closed for the season the weekend before I tried going. I invited people for an evening gathering, but opted to make it less stressful by holding it elsewhere. I did sign up for my spring volleyball league, which was then cancelled last week due to lack of interest. (I thought about taking this as a sign from the heavens to give up on an activity that I only semi-enjoy, but instead I signed up to play at a new, closer venue. Hopefully playing there will be people who don’t care if we win or not, but I haven’t found that those people tend to pay to play sports.)

Since they didn’t work out, let’s try three new goals for April, shall we?

  1. Send a postcard to a little person or two. This last trip to Salt Lake was, I believe, the first trip I’ve taken as an adult where I sent no postcards at all. Since I’d meant to send cards to my favorite kids (as well as to some of my favorite adults), I’ll instead ship off a couple of D.C.-based cards to them. They’re small, and I hope from their perspective, the cards of animals from the National Zoo are just as good as cards of animals located in Utah.
  2. Make homemade pasta. Last year my folks gave me a pasta maker and a ravioli pan. I haven’t yet used them, but would like to give them a shot. Plus, think how awesome it would be if I could achieve a decent pasta in time to put under our homemade sauce.
  3. Weed through my bookshelves. I have a really hard time getting rid of books, but I know there are things taking up space on my shelves that I didn’t care enough for to read a second time, and it would be good to clear them out.

How are your goals (of the New Year, birthday, or randomly set date variety) going?

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