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April 15, 2013

april garden news
posted by soe 2:08 am

I’ve had a couple weekends now to go down to the garden and some help from Rudi this evening, so things are starting to shape up.

It started out as this:

After the Winter
I cleared a bunch of weeds and we turned a lot of earth (Rudi is particularly good as sifting fibrous root systems out of the soil). I have four heads of lettuce that were sown last fall that are coming along nicely, and most of the herbs survived the winter. We planted a couple peppers, a dozen onions, and a half dozen bok choi and spinach seedlings; moved the thyme and a couple of chive plants; and sowed lettuce, chard, spinach, and sorrel seeds.

I still have to tackle the potato bed and plant peas and do some management of the strawberry section, but now our plot looks like this:

Two Weekends of Work
Oh, and here’s the first harvest of the season:

Glass of Violets

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