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February 28, 2013

three monthly goals: march (and february extended)
posted by soe 1:41 am

I should probably have recognized that my goals for February were too extensive when I came up with them nearly halfway through the month.

March will also be challenging, given I’ll be in Salt Lake for a good portion of it. So here’s my thinking:

First, I’m going to give myself an extension on February’s goals, which were:

  1. Ice skate at the two new rinks in D.C. I’ve been to one and need to get across town to the other sometime in the next two weeks.
  2. Mend all my clothing that needs it. I only got as far as gathering some of the clothing together. No actual repairing has occurred as of yet.
  3. Begin a 100 push-up program. I keep putting this off — partly because I’m lazy and partly because I know that our upcoming trip will throw this off.

We’ll consider them a success if I accomplish them by the end of March.

And I’ll give myself three smaller goals for March that also seem manageable:

  1. Sign up for a spring volleyball team. I took both the fall and the winter off and that was probably a mistake. I’d like to get back into this, at least for a few months.
  2. Go to a yoga class. Either here in Dupont or at a studio in Salt Lake while I’m there.
  3. Invite people over for an evening gathering. An incentive to tidy! An incentive to bake! An incentive to hang out with our elusive friends!
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