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November 19, 2009

hark, heartwarming, and hot
posted by soe 11:39 pm

It’s a dark and dreary day here in D.C., full of November rain. But melancholy has no place here, as it’s Thursday. Time to turn our eyes to the beautiful moments from the last week.

Here are three from mine:

1. As Rudi and I pedal over to the D.C. Tweed Ride start location Sunday morning, we find ourselves amidst the pealing of church bells from across the city. It’s a heart-stirring experience.

2. I signed up last night to take part in the Help the Homeless Walkathon and friends have already boosted me my fundraising goal. There is absolutely nothing beautiful about those who don’t have steady work, a safe roof over their heads, or enough to eat. But in tight times, it is good that there are places who reach out to serve people who have so little. Martha’s Table does good work to help children, in particular, and I have excellent friends who believe their dollars can make a difference.

3. Apple crisp just out of the oven — with a helping of whipped cream.

What are some of the beautiful things from your world this week?

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the inaugural tweed ride of d.c.
posted by soe 3:17 am

On Sunday, Rudi, Michael, and I took part in the first ever D.C. Tweed Ride. The goal was a well-dressed and leisurely ride about town followed by libations at a respectable ale house.

We got all dolled up:

Two Wild and Tweedy Guys

Michael even managed to borrow an old bike:

Michael Looking Dapper

The weather was gorgeous, with sunny skies and warm temps, which meant perfect riding conditions for those with bare legs and arms, but a more harrowing (or, at least, sweaty) experience for those who went with authentic wool suits.

The ride itself went off for us without a hitch, although the start was slowed by the overwhelming number of people who thought this sounded like a most fun outing.

Want more photos? (more…)

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