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November 11, 2009

sunday tweed
posted by soe 1:28 am

On Sunday, Rudi, Michael, Julia, and I are going to take part in the first ever D.C.-based Tweed Ride. The goal of the ride is to get dressed up in some tweedy fashion (or something equally fabu), hop on your bike, and ride leisurely across town for post-ride drinks.

Sponsored by the local social organization Dandies and Quaintrelles (whose purpose is to “indulge ourselves in leisurely retroforward moments filled with exceptional entertainment and delights of the mind”), it seems like a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Except, of course, that it requires a costume. A get-up. An outfit. And my wardrobe doesn’t tend toward tweed. If you asked me to dress up like Rainbow Brite, I could oblige. Punky Brewster, check. But fashionable 1920s or ’40s gear? I got nothing. (Elmira Gulch, though, I might be able to pull off…) Rudi and I postponed a trip to Goodwill last weekend to lounge in the sun, which means a Saturday trip is now mandatory.

Julia and I have IM’ed about it on several occasions — we’d like to look cute but not have to worry about hems caught in chains. Julia suggested knickers, but where do you find such things in 2009? And when you can’t sew?

I do have a cloche… I could wear that, but what happens if I hit a patch of wet leaves and crash? Will I regret not wearing my trusty helmet? And what if it’s breezy? Will my cute hat blow away?

Clothing makes me crazy, folks…

Will I find something to wear? Can you think of anything? Help!

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