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November 14, 2009

my d.c.: sweets in the streets
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While out and about during lunch on Tuesday, I decided to bypass the closer soup option for one a bit further afield with more choices. Crowds of people clad in gloomy hues hurried under dark umbrellas to their destinations through the grey November drizzle.

Ahead, though, color drew my eye. A hot pink truck. What a nice change from the monotony! I walked closer to see what business was trying to brighten up the region.

Curbside CupcakesYeah, okay… So that doesn’t really tell you much, does it?

What my camera phone failed to capture well is that the side of the truck says, “Curbside Cupcakes.”

I admit it: I was intrigued. Was it a new bakery delivering goods downtown? As I got closer, I could see through the windshield what looked like an awning on the side of the truck. Could it be…?

Had the cupcake version of the ice cream man finally been invented?!

It had!

Kristi and Sam of Curbside Cupcakes

Meet Kristi and Sam, the co-proprietors of a new roving cupcake enterprise, Curbside Cupcakes. Tuesday was their second day in business.

They will be driving around D.C. on weekdays to bring fairy cake goodness to a different neighborhood each day. They’ll also take advance orders and deliver in bulk should you be in need of cupcakes for an office function or want to send a fun birthday present to a friend.

It seems that they’ll have a half dozen flavors or so each day. On Tuesday, they first tried to tempt me with red velvet, but then I explained that, as a New Englander, it wasn’t a flavor that appealed as much as some of their others. At that revelation, Kristi suggested I try the chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting. She said that she normally wasn’t a huge fan of chocolate cake, but that this one was especially good.

I complimented the frosting right away, but Kristi urged me to sample the cake itself. I pulled back the wrapper and took a bite. Mini chocolate chips hidden in the cake helped to create a moist and flavorful base. Delicious!

If you work in D.C., keep an eye out for Sam and Kristi’s pink van to sample an excellent addition to the District’s cupcake options. Or follow their Twitter feed or Facebook page to get updates on varieties and daily locations.

Coming across Curbside Cupcakes and their tasty wares can only brighten your day!

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