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November 5, 2009

where to next?
posted by soe 2:29 am

It’s been a year since Rudi and I packed our bags and headed to France.

Various Formules

It was an amazing trip.

Rescuing the Boat

This year’s travels have been more prosaic and more domestic, with trips to New England, Chicago (for work), Portland, and Salt Lake as our destinations.

Tour d'Eiffel

I’m starting to feel that wanderlust kicking in…


Our annual meeting is in San Diego this coming year, so it’s likely I’ll be sent there for a few days, which I hope to combine with some time spent seeing the California friends. I also believe we’ll have to head back to Salt Lake so Rudi’s mom can have some assistance as she recovers from surgery next year, but I’m hoping that’s not the extent of our travels.

Fountain Face

So, I thought I’d ask: If you could travel anywhere in 2010 or if you could recommend one spot to go on vacation, where would you select and why?


No place is too random or far-fetched to suggest. I’m really interested to hear where you think would be a fantastic destination. Do you have a dream trip?

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