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March 20, 2008

awwww, pi(e), and associations
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I’m on a plane headed to Salt Lake (via Denver) right now, but even that can’t prevent me from giving you three beautiful things from my world last week:

1. DCBlogs pointed me to a notice that the National Zoo has a new baby beastie: a North Island brown kiwi. It even has its own webcam.

2. Pi Day was Friday. No, not pie. Well, yes, pie, too. But pi. π. 3.14 …. Elspeth brought a mixed berry pie in to work to share. And I ate pizza (pie) and baked a peach-cherry pie Friday night. We ate the last pieces for breakfast this morning…

3. I saw two girls on the Metro this morning who looked like they might be headed down to the peace rallies. They reminded me of when Rebs and I came down to D.C. our junior year of college to protest Newt’s Contract Against America. The Metro girls just seemed so young (and, in retrospect, so did we).

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happy spring!
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Baby Irises




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