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March 16, 2008

all days should start with pie and hot chocolate
posted by soe 1:28 am

Don’t you think that sets a nice tone for the day, particularly when both are homemade?

Well, maybe all days shouldn’t start that way because then you’d lose the luxurious feeling of having a lie-in until noon and starting your day with sweets. But it’s good every once in a glorious Saturday while.

I read.

I fixed a hat that had come unravelled at the crown. (I think I missed one loop of a K2tog that I then accidentally pulled at to create a bit of a hole.)

After that it seemed like I ought to get out for a while (in my newly repaired hat). I walked down to the garden plot to see how it had fared the winter. (The trees over my plot had dumped their leaves over the plot after I dug it up late last fall. I’m so pleased, since I could hardly have planned that mulching better myself.) I walked around aimlessly for a while after that, glad just to be out in the temperate weather. I tried a Wonka Golden Egg (similar to a Cadbury Caramel Egg except with “graham cracker bits” embedded in the chocolate that seemed more like your typical rice krispie bits). It was okay, but I would probably just go with the Cadbury Creme Egg next time.

I came home as the sun set to do a little knitting. I’m making some pretty green lace anklets for myself at the moment and have finally got them on the proper needles to make good progress. I’d bought some circular needles over the winter and broke them out earlier this week only to find that the joins were so disjointed that I had to move each stitch individually off the cord and onto the needle. That didn’t seem like the way toward happy knitting, so I switched them over to DPNs yesterday and knit away contentedly for a couple of hours tonight.

Rudi made a veggie curry and we watched the first three-quarters of the PBS Pete Seeger special that we missed last week. I made some connections between it and the book I’m currently reading, Eat, Pray, Love, which I’m going to have to explore more deeply as I think about the book.

And we concluded the night with a trip downtown with our friend Susan to catch Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Frances McDormand and Amy Adams were delightful as a problematic, down-on-her-luck governess and a flighty American would-be starlet and this was exactly the sort of movie that you’d enjoy watching on a rainy night when you’re feeling a bit down and want a life-really-is-good-and-happy-endings-can-happen kind of pick-me-up. (Not that I was down tonight. I’m just saying for future reference. Or for anyone else who might get that feeling.)

Oh, and I remembered to ask for my free cd at the movie theater. Who can beat free music?!?

Now I’m curled up in my reading nook with my book and my tea and my Della. I’ll probably head to bed shortly so I can have another lovely day tomorrow. Here’s hoping that they keep coming…

Good night all!

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