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March 6, 2008

good citizenship, all done, and cheap eats
posted by soe 7:24 pm

I’m a little unclear as to how today got to be Thursday already. I feel like it ought to be Wednesday, but I’m certainly not going to turn down tomorrow being Friday. So let’s all pretend that today really is Thursday, like the calendar says, okay?

In that vein, I offer you three beautiful things from the last week:

1. Rudi and I went to a meeting last night about the future of our local library. It felt good to learn how many other people cared about it being a viable community center well into the future.

2. After my dentist appointment was over yesterday, I took a long meandering walk back to work from Cap Hill. It was a lovely sunny spring day and it felt great to be outside in the middle of the day. (Expect pictures soon.)

3. After bottling the last of our 2007 beer on Saturday, I decided I had to stop in at the Pan-American Bakery & Grill next door. We came home with two giant coconut pan dulce, which are fluffy South American sweet rolls, and some ridiculously cheap spices. The owner of the store, a Bolivian man, talked to us about why he was committed to using trans-fat-free ingredients in his cooking and the difficulties of marketing a business to two communities who speak different languages and who have different expectations for their local restaurants. We’ll definitely be back.

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