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March 7, 2008

my dc: outdoor skating
posted by soe 3:18 pm

I was walking along the Mall coming back to work from my dentist appointment on Wednesday when I thought to snap these shots. It was a sunny day, about 50 degrees with a breeze.

First I offer you a true glimpse into the interseason of winter transitioning to spring:


These were taken at the Sculpture Garden Ice Rink. After this weekend, and continuing through the spring, the rink is actually a large fountain in a park outside the National Museum of Art. During Friday night jazz concerts, you’ll find us in a corner of the park with a delicious picnic.

Sculpture Garden RinkA Lovely Afternoon

And I leave you with this final quintessential D.C. shot. The man skating in the foreground of the shot? Obviously a businessman on his lunch hour because he’s wearing suit pants, a collared shirt, and a tie in addition to his protective sun hat and skates.

Pure D.C.

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