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October 11, 2007

bikini girl, apple crisp, and a cup of tea and a chat
posted by soe 11:22 am

If it’s Thursday, it’s time to look back on some beautiful things from the past week. Here are three from my weekend:

1. It is 95 degrees on Saturday and Shelley’s children are in their bathing suits playing with the hose and with water balloons. We spend the latter part of the evening around a campfire in their backyard, and Irisa, still in her bikini, curls up in my lap.

2. Mum makes apple crisp for Dad’s birthday. Usually pie is Gramma’s domain, but for Dad, Mum demands sole baking rights. The pie is chock-full of tasty apples and the crumbly topping is sweet and cinnamon-y.

3. I sleep in over the weekend, which means I miss the normal morning chats Dad and I have over breakfast preparations. So when Mum heads up to bed at midnight on Sunday, Dad stays downstairs to chat over cups of tea.

Anything beautiful going on in your life this week?

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