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October 10, 2007

blogging backlog: the yarn harlot
posted by soe 11:04 pm

I should not take photos.

Oh, I’m not a bad photographer. Admittedly, I occasionally cut someone’s head off or give them vampire eyes, but generally I understand the major idea — put something in frame and capture it (usually in focus) — and can execute it reasonably well. Every once in a while, I’m even somewhat gifted with framing a shot.

But I am a bad uploader. Shots sit on my camera for days. Then they sit on the computer for a while longer. Then they’re loaded into Flickr, but I have to annotate them. And then I have to write the post to accompany them. If I left out the photos, we could skip straight to that last item.

Because I’ve been diligent about bringing my camera with me, I’m behind on my blogging. (Those of you who have been peeking at my Flickr account and have already followed the goings-on in my life, shhhh! You’re probably bored already. Go ahead and click one of those links to the right and see what some other bloggers are up to.)

Which means that some of the topics covered in this week’s posts will be a little old. But, to reassure my folks, this does at least mean that there will be posts. Let’s not quibble about how long ago I did the things in them.

Today’s topic? The Sept. 20 Yarn Harlot talk in Arlington, Virginia. (more…)

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