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October 4, 2007

pda, ladylike, and birthday dessert
posted by soe 10:08 pm

I bet you were starting to think I’d forgotten…

But, no. Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. A couple is cuddling on the stairs to nowhere by the Hinckley Hilton tennis court in broad daylight.

2. Posey lies on the floor, her body and head hidden under the drape of a dress that needs to be hung up in the closet. Her front legs stretch in front of her, crossed at the paws.

3. Yesterday was my friend Amani’s birthday and she opted for a more low-key celebratory lunch in rather than out. Sarah baked peach cobbler and I bought ice cream, but Amani outdid herself as the birthday girl, offering up homemade brownies and cupcakes.

Oh yes! Remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned a new resident of our garden plot? Well, he’s continued growing and Rudi captured a few shots of him this week.

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