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July 25, 2007

grand plans
posted by soe 9:43 am

I had grand plans to take photos and to write about my most recent pair of socks and to show you the progress I’ve made on my market bag. But we’re already 40 minutes late leaving for our trip and I haven’t brushed my hair or put my clean clothes away or washed the last of the dishes. So I guess you’ll get knitting content next week.

In the meantime, I’ll be up at Falcon Ridge listening to some groovy tunes and hanging with friends.

Talk to you on Sunday or Monday…

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random fact #457
posted by soe 6:02 am

When the balance ball you are sitting on pops, you will be grateful to have a big butt to cushion your fall, because you will find yourself on the floor before you realize the ball has popped.

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