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July 11, 2007

flying with the phoenix
posted by soe 4:23 pm


We’re off to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I’m excited to see Lupin and Sirius again. I find them some of the more endearing characters in the book series and the film casting has definitely grown on me over time. In fact, it was really too bad that Sirius’ role from the fourth book was cut down to one scene, although I understand that not everything written in a 700-page book will fit into a two-hour movie.

I’ll also be happy to see Mrs. Weasley back, because I love her. I think we all need a Mrs. Weasley in our lives…

It’s looks ready to start pouring out right now, which will make the us a bit soggy for the movie, but I don’t care!

We’re very excited about seeing the film at the great, old-style Uptown Theatre a few miles up the road from us in D.C. We’ll be particularly happy if we get seats up in the balcony, which is truly a wonderful place to see a movie from!

I can’t wait!

Photo courtesy of KCIvey, under the Creative Commons agreement.

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