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July 26, 2007

harvest, al fresco, and a trip to the beach
posted by soe 8:57 am

Just because I’m away on vacation doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Three beautiful things from the last week:

1. The surprise of things having grown in your garden. Like broccoli. And peppers. And beans. And squash. And tomatoes. Sure, I planted them all. I just didn’t expect anything to come of it, particularly with my lackadaisical watering and weeding!

2. A last-minute dinner party held in Michael’s (and Julia’s) front yard.

3. I headed out to the shore to see Karen last Thursday. We had a lovely lunch (with excellent fries and free mugs) and returned back to the cottage to take a walk. We were half a mile from shelter when the skies opened up, soaking us through and through. We went back, dried off, put on our bathing suits (which were dry, as opposed to our clothes), and went back out for another walk. We hunted for fossilized shark teeth and saw a turtle, a heron, a bald eagle, and a school of rays that I thought were sand sharks. It was a lovely day.

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