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July 25, 2007

random fact #457
posted by soe 6:02 am

When the balance ball you are sitting on pops, you will be grateful to have a big butt to cushion your fall, because you will find yourself on the floor before you realize the ball has popped.

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Oh no!! And now I have the giggles, sorry!!

I should inflate mine – I used to like using it as a desk chair every so often.

Comment by Jenn 07.25.07 @ 6:18 am

And it’s only fair that the silver ball (which was originally for me) was popped by sprite, as I was the one who popped her blue one last year.

Comment by Rudi 07.25.07 @ 8:50 am

LOL! ROTFL! Oh I love that quote! Because that happened to me!

Comment by paula 07.25.07 @ 2:21 pm

Gravity! It’s the law!

Comment by Grey Kitten 07.27.07 @ 12:46 pm