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April 11, 2007

what a difference two days make
posted by soe 11:26 pm

I want to thank you all for the comments on the previous post. It made me feel so much less frustrated as I confronted the rewound ball once again to know that I wasn’t alone with this.

Happily, I think the third time really is the charm. Behold!

Zokni sock leg detail

It looks like my Bloomin Feet pal will get a sock after all!

I think part of what the problem was is that this yarn is 50% tencel which obviously isn’t going to be as stretchy as a full wool yarn. Add to that a pattern that has no ribbing (other than the cuff) and that I tend to knit lace a bit tight (as Cynthia suggested), and I think I can see why I ran into trouble.

In this most recent version, I’ve made a couple of modifications. First, I bumped the needle size up to 3mm (US2.5s). Then, because my cuff was particularly tight, I cast-on onto a US5 (4mm) and then switched down to the other needles for the subsequent rows. Also, I followed Jennie‘s advice when dealing with a 1×1 rib and knit into the back loop to create a more dramatic look.

I’m two more repeats away from the heel and will soon have to make another decision. I’ve never done a short-row heel and have heard mixed-things about how well they fit. Since I’m making this for someone whose foot is not here, I may alter the pattern to a heel flap instead. Anyone have any thoughts about that?

I may also follow Paula‘s suggestion to go down a needle size for the heel (or maybe the whole sole) to make the fabric a bit denser. I think I’ll stick in a lifeline at the start of the heel in order to try it out without fear of losing any of the leg.

I’m really excited with how it’s turning out now that I’m on the right track.

Thanks again for all the useful suggestions. I’m always blown a way by what a generous, wise community knit bloggers are.

(And for those of my readers who aren’t knitters, I promise that tomorrow’s post will not focus on this pair of socks.)

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