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April 14, 2007

weekend agenda
posted by soe 12:43 am

What’s on tap for your weekend? I’d like mine to include a combination of fun and necessary activities:

  • Clear the garden. It’s time to tackle it so that if it ever warms up, I can plant things.
  • Do my taxes. Will I owe? Will I not? The weekend’s cliffhanger ending…
  • Hit the farmers’ market. Rumor has it that there will be ramps. Don’t tell Rudi I told you.
  • Watch some videos. We have Because of Winn Dixie and Kinky Boots to view. It’s supposed to pour on Sunday, so I’m thinking that will be a good time for it.
  • Get through the heel of my Bloomin Feet sock. Once I know what to expect for sock #2, I’ll feel better about actually finishing in time for our May Day deadline.
  • Visit the post office. I have some things to send out. Maybe once I’ve got the taxes finished…
  • Borrow some new books from the library. The last batch was unexciting. Maybe I’ll cross-reference my list of your suggestions ahead of time to streamline the process.
  • Bake. Either cupcakes or cookies sound awfully appealing.
  • Embark upon belated top-secret art project.
  • Check out Asian-themed Cherry Blossom Street Festival.

Suddenly I feel very tired. I’m thinking I’d best get to bed so I have enough energy to attempt everything on this list!

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