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April 26, 2007

instant gratification, hot spigot, and a chance meeting
posted by soe 2:57 pm

How is it Thursday already? How is it not the weekend yet? How can both of these statements be true?

My brain will self-destruct if I continue to consider the question, so let’s instead think back to three beautiful things from the last week:

1. When dogwoods flower, their blooms are larger than their leaves, so you really notice them first. I don’t know of other flowers that act like that. Usually I see the leaves first and have to wait impatiently for the blooms to appear.

2. The electric kettle at work is broken and I haven’t gotten around to ordering a new one quite yet. But we have a heated water tap and a microwave, so it shouldn’t have been a problem. Except that somehow the switch on the back of the water filtration system that allows the water to be heated had been turned off and no one noticed. Yesterday a co-worker set it right, so this afternoon I had a cuppa to celebrate. Today is particularly chilly, so the heat is greatly appreciated.

3. I was walking home from the Metro the other afternoon when, suddenly, from under my ear buds, I heard my name being called. I looked around, surprised, and discovered my friend Susan sitting in a car’s passenger seat, eating her supper. She had been waiting for a shop to finish something for her and happened to notice me wandering past. I’m glad she called out, because I never would have noticed her!

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