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December 8, 2006

posted by soe 7:05 am

Yesterday dawned clear and warm. But by the time sunset rolled around, the temperature had dropped and the wind had risen. Ridiculously. In fact, I had a Marilyn Monroe moment yesterday afternoon. Except, of course, that instead of standing over a subway grate and wearing a gauzy skirt, I was wearing tights and a wool jumper (that went down to my knees!) and was unloading boxes out of my car. All I can say is that I still have very fast reflexes!

As I was leaving my meeting just after 9, the air had settled into a decidedly nippy temperature range, but in a seasonable way, if you know what I mean. (I am not in favor of the sauna-like weather we experienced last week!) And then it started to snow.

It was just flurries, but still… It was lovely and majestic and magical and Christmassy.

At least until I turned the corner into the wind, again….

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December 7, 2006

moonshadow, company, and comfort
posted by soe 7:08 am

It’s been a rough week; I’m hoping yesterday was the low point and that we’re headed toward higher ground today. In the meantime, three beautiful things from the last week of working late:

1. The moon was full this week and bright against the clear, black winter sky. By the time I leave the office, it has cleared all the downtown buildings and just hangs over H Street, wishing me a good night.

2. My friend Sarah stayed late at work last night for an extra FIVE hours in order to help me finish assembling materials for the meeting. She never complained about how disorganized I was, and she is the only reason I made it out before midnight.

3. Rudi had a hot pot of tea and a warm embrace waiting for me when I finally got home around 10:30. Both were necessary and truly appreciated.

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December 5, 2006

busy, busy, busy!
posted by soe 10:12 am

I’m here and everything is okay. But I’m going to be a little quieter than usual this week as I gear up for two meetings that span four days and nights (including 3/4 of the weekend).

I have lots of things to talk about — the Romancing the Yarn felting kit I won from Jean Brashear that arrived last night, the Conn holiday party we’re attending tonight, the finished objects I’ve knit (including my November socks and an adorable baby sweater that’s blocking at home right now) — but they’re all going to have to wait…

… because the forefront of my brain is going, “Ack! Ack! Ack!” and it’s hard to write over that.

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December 3, 2006

sunday evening relaxation
posted by soe 10:51 pm

I was right — about 4:30, Rudi and I started to relax into the rhythms of the party.

One guest accidentally arrived a little early, thinking that he’d given us 45 minutes to iron out the kinks from the time he thought the party started.

Folks brought beer and wine and cookies. My friend Amani made indoor smores, saving me from having to make brownies. (Thank you!!!)

The tree is up, lit, and trimmed, and looks festive and sparkly. My headache has dissipated. And the cats are thoroughly enjoying the soft ornaments that decorate the tree’s lower limbs as well as the water in the tree stand.

And I completely forgot to move the candy canes onto the food table, so it’s good you guys convinced me not to buy fresh ones for 2006. Thanks for your wise words.

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we have a steep learning curve
posted by soe 1:22 pm

Our party starts at 4; it’s now 1:22. The house is not clean. The tree is still sitting out in the hallway. No food has been cooked. We expect about a dozen people sometime this evening.

The bed is already full of crap that can’t go anywhere else.

Why do we never learn?

(Come 4:30 or so, it will be fun… Rest assured. We’re just in the height of panic season here in the Burrow.)

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December 1, 2006

candy canes
posted by soe 11:33 am

How long are candy canes good for?

I want to know because I bought a dozen last year to be a centerpiece for our tree-trimming party. I don’t like mint, so it’s up to Rudi to eat the red, white, and green ones afterwards. But Rudi tends not to eat a lot of candy, so the canes are still sitting in the glass I placed them in a year ago.

If I dust them off is it kosher to use them again on Sunday for this year’s festivities? I mean, what are the odds someone is going to want to eat one? And if they do, will the candy still be okay? Or will it have undergone some strange transformation the way chocolate turns white and chalky if left too long? (Sarah, since you’re the only one coming to the party who reads the blog, consider yourself forewarned!)

Or should I just spring for a new $1.20 box for 2006?

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