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April 11, 2006

mildly at loose ends
posted by soe 3:30 pm

I’ve had a disconnected week. Last Saturday, I missed our friend Michael’s play reading because I thought it was on Sunday. Nevermind that the second invitation he sent me said that it was part of a “Saturdays @ 2” series…

Yesterday, I couldn’t figure out what to wear for spring weather. Neither what clothes nor what shoes were appropriate for 65 degrees and sunny seemed to be in my closet. I grew up in New England. Spring weather shouldn’t be that hard for me…

Today, I just went mildly crazy trying to figure out where a document draft was that I’d been working on had gone to. The intern who’d been looking at it had finished her responses and I wanted to input them. Not on my desktop. Not in my email. Was it on my key drive? The hard drive at home?

Yeah. I never actually had a draft I was working from. I’d joined this project after the document had been laid out once, so I’ve been giving our art director corrections written onto the laid out draft.

This may be why any readers had to wait for a post for three-plus days. My brain seems to have gone on vacation.

I’m hoping that taking my body on a long weekend away and time with friends will help to clear out my head of all the cobwebs and to reunite me with my brain. It could work…

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