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December 21, 2005

holiday update
posted by soe 10:36 am

Well, things are definitely in a better place this morning than where they were over the weekend (and far better than where they were last week when I was filled with despair).

Despite a few wrong turns during last night’s shopping trip (don’t you hate it when you get on the Metro heading the wrong direction and don’t notice it until you’re in another state?), I am nearing completion on the mass accumulation of gifts. Olsson’s was very happy to get my business last night, and I hope those of you who receive their wares will be pleased, too.

I am done with other people’s shopping. As is Rudi. Hopefully the givers will be just as happy as the recipients.

I am generally happy with what I’ve bought. It’s definitely less than in previous years, but I think they are gifts my loved ones will appreciate and will get use out of. (And, if not, my feelings will not be hurt if they regift their presents to others who will appreciate them more.)

I am ahead of where I normally am with baking. Often the baked gifts get made Christmas morning. That will not be the case this year.

There are still some holiday cards that haven’t gone out. Those of you who haven’t received them live on the East Coast and I’m really hoping they go out in tomorrow’s mail. You might still receive them before Christmas, but, if not, they’ll arrive on Boxing Day and that’s good, too.

We still don’t have a cat sitter lined up — an oversight on our part. We’re working to remedy that.

We leave in less than 30 hours for our drive up north. I still believe it’s possible that we could be mostly ready to go by the time we need to be in the car.

This week definitely holds a sunnier outlook than last week.


Update: Rudi’s coworker Monica says she will be able to look in on the cats on Saturday, eliminating the one real source of stress remaining. Many thanks, Monica!

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