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December 1, 2005

time with mum, pink glow, and red lace
posted by soe 11:39 am

Welcome to December. The world is all sparkly and pretty at Christmas so I’d expect that to be a theme over the next month.

Three beautiful things from the last week:

1. Mum and I spent Friday making batch after batch after batch of Christmas cookies. It took all afternoon and we were both exhausted by suppertime. Once upon a time, Mum and I couldn’t have spent an afternoon together without it ending in frustration for one or both of us. It’s nice that those days are past us — and that we have the cookies to prove it.

2. Last Christmas Rudi put up a string of lights along two walls in our living room. The intention was to go all the way around, but we didn’t have extra lights at the time and it looked pretty as is. Eventually the strands died. Last week, Rudi did half the room in lights, and he finished the job on Monday. Now we can sit in the room with the overhead lights off and bask in a cheerful pink glow.

3. This morning, I was walking to the Metro station, contemplating what to include in today’s post. I was absorbed in my thoughts and might have made it all the way underground without really seeing the day, but a gorgeous tree stopped me and made me stand, staring, mouth agape, for several extra seconds. Most trees have dropped their leaves already, but this maple has tiny scarlet leaves that stood out against this morning’s bright blue sky to create a vibrant lacy look. It just made my morning — and I’ll be sure to check on it on my daily trek to the Metro.

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