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December 5, 2005

holiday season in full swing
posted by soe 10:32 pm

Yesterday’s party was a great success even if the tree was still in the hallway and no food was ready when our first guests arrived. We ended up with about a dozen people, which was much more comfortable than last year’s 30! People could converse! People could sit! People could move!

Of course, the only way we finished the cleaning in time was to resort to our tried and true methods of throwing things into bags and boxes and then throwing those into the bedroom. Which of course means that we have to clean again after everyone leaves in order to find our bed.

Today, the weather recognized the signs that the holiday season was really upon us and opened the skies around lunchtime. It’s been snowing off and on since then, and the snow finally seems to be sticking to surfaces. Being from New England, I think it’s perfectly fine for it to snow in December. People from D.C., on the other hand, are horrified by the very idea of snow. They clutch their Siberian-wear to themselves and scurry from one place to another. Or, rather, they try never to leave their buildings at all. They close things because of the threat of snow, let alone once flakes start flying. It’s all very funny to those of us who grew up driving in snow.

Christmas cards are strewn across the living room floor right now as the pasta water boils on the stove. It’s a cozy night in the Burrow, as I listen to holiday tunes in the pink glow of the lights on the tree and around the room.

The holiday season has finally arrived!

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