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November 6, 2005

out and about
posted by soe 7:11 pm

It’s been a lovely weekend. Yesterday, we went out to the Quaker craft sale where I did a little Christmas shopping (and a little me shopping, too) and then strolled down to Georgetown for a while. We spent a fun evening with Susan and phillip, who cooked us a yummy dinner of chicken, rice, and spinach.

Today after an hour-long stroll through a sunny farmers’ market, Rudi headed out to Virginia to stump for a House of Delegates candidate, while my bike and I hopped Metro to head up to Bethesda. I bought some new yarn (baby alpaca — so soft!), ate a pumpkin pie ice cream cone (yum!), and rode home through a yellow elm twilight.

Tonight we’re catching up on The West Wing, doing some cleaning (our apartment may all move back into the Burrow and I may find my couch again tonight!), and eating something yummy Rudi is going to cook.

All in all — a really nice weekend.

[Update: All our possessionas are back in the Burrow and the entertainment center has been reassembled. The couch hasn’t been cleared and I’m calling it a night. Tomorrow is soon enough for targeting other sections of the living room.]

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