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November 9, 2005

knitting lessons
posted by soe 12:51 am

I started my new knitting project today with the baby alpaca yarn I bought on Sunday. The yarn is pretty and delightfully soft. I cannot screw up, though, because it does not unknit or unravel well.

The gauge is off a bit row-wise, but I think I may just add rows instead of pulling it out and starting over. No one will notice if I don’t tell — and you won’t blab, will you?

Knitting has made me more philosophical about mistakes. Some people pull their stitching out if they don’t think it’s perfect. I figure if the error’s not glaringly obvious, no one will notice but me. Knitting a huge project on deadline just makes you realize there are very few reasons to panic.

Another realization after working on the quilt for six months: it’s a joy to knit smaller projects. Progress is quick and satisfaction almost immediate. Tonight I managed to clear off the couch (finally!), watch Commander in Chief, and still knit 2 1/2 inches. Two and a half inches! That’s an eighth or so of the project!

Would that all my endeavors move that quickly!

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