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March 28, 2022

final march weekending
posted by soe 1:07 am

My weekend was a quiet one.

My bike stayed in the laundry room, but Sarah and I met for ice cream and a stroll along the river Friday afternoon.

I didn’t meet up with a friend to watch the Standford-Maryland game, but I watched quite a bit of women’s basketball.

No books went back to the library, but I listened to my audiobook and hit the 100-page mark in my print book.

Mount Laundry wasn’t vanquished, but it shrank in size.

I failed to go to the garden, but I shopped for vegetables and plants and cleaning supplies.

The butter on the counter didn’t turn into cookies, but Karen and I talked on the phone about the cake her family had made.

I didn’t see the cherry blossoms, but I saw a rainbow.

Not everything I’d hoped to do this weekend got done, but maybe it’s okay.

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