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March 14, 2022

posted by soe 12:43 pm

Rudi and I tested positive for COVID today.

We’d both been under the impression that spring allergies were plaguing us, an assumption reinforced by local meteorologists who assured us that the region’s pollen charts had suddenly skyrocketed off the charts last week. Rudi’s symptoms are worse than mine, again, in keeping with how we experience allergies (also, boy), so we’d been dosing with allergy meds and largely continuing on with our daily business.

In fact, the only reason I tested was because I was supposed to hang out with my most cautious friend and since I was snuffly I proactively sought to assure him there were no concerns.

Had it been someone else, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought. And that’s how we assume we caught it. Because someone else assumed and didn’t test and brought their germs out with them.

Because we’re still careful. We’re vaxxed and boosted. We’re masking indoors and outdoors in crowded spaces (like the farmers market I visited this morning just before testing). I haven’t eaten indoors since … Salt Lake in January … although Rudi has. I have a relatively small footprint — thanks to remote working — and can give someone a rundown of pretty much every place I’ve been since last Sunday.

So, long story short, if you think your allergies seem particularly bad this year, it’s probably worth cracking open a rapid test (and I recognize I say this from a place of luxury in a city where tests are free and plentiful and handed out at most of our branch libraries) and making sure before you run out to the grocery store or work or a kid’s event.

And for goodness’ sake — keep wearing your mask so people like me don’t accidentally make you sick, too!

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