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March 5, 2022

weekend planning
posted by soe 1:04 am

Rudi’s off coaching (March is the month when he’s away most), so I’m on my own this weekend. Here’s how I’m hoping to fill it:

  • Knitting on my Sock Madness sock
  • Waking up the garden and planting peas
  • Watching or listening to the UConn women’s basketball game
  • Reading
  • Going back to Planet Word with a friend I hyped it to
  • Shopping (or, at least, browsing) at my local bookstore’s member sale
  • Picking up veggie sausages for red beans and rice at the farmers market
  • Doing laundry (Rudi picked up quarters before he left yesterday)
  • Spending time outside

How are you hoping to spend your time this weekend?

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