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August 30, 2021

final weekending of august
posted by soe 1:31 am

A Promise of Things to Come

This weekend was a weird one. With Rudi being gone, I’d anticipated it being full of sleeping late and eating junk food and watching Jane Austen movies. But with the ceiling leak (it turns out the upstairs neighbor’s dishwasher had gone bad), I had to change some things around.

I did a lot more cleaning this weekend than I’d planned (too bad there’s still so much of it left to do!). Sadly, none of it was laundry, because the washing machine broke on Wednesday night and the promised repair technician from the machine rental company has not yet materialized.

I didn’t attend either the protest march or the craft fair in the neighborhood, but I did get to the Rock Creek Kings concert in the park. I also returned some books to the library, hit up two grocery stores and the farmers market, bought some flowers at the garden center AND planted them, and went swimming. Given the pool closes for the season next Monday, I should probably make an effort this week to wrap up my days on time and get in half an hour on the non-stormy evenings.

And there was pretty much no tv or movies of any kind all weekend. But I did knit some. I finished a book and started another. And I squeezed in some work, because I have new people starting this week and I’m behind on deadlines, and I just needed to put a dent in things so I could stop feeling so stressed.

How was your weekend?

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