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August 15, 2021

weather or not
posted by soe 1:33 am

Today’s weather forecast promised to be unsettled, so I’d expected to spend a large part of it indoors. However, the storms west of us kept breaking up as they came over the mountains, giving us an ever later target for when to expect the rain and lightning — first early afternoon, then teatime, then after sunset, and finally sometime overnight.

This meant we were able to spend hours at the pool and then wrap up the evening on the patio of our local watering hole (also, a yuppy grocery store) — and that we could also take our chances with not watering the garden.

As I type this, the rain has moved in. It’s not heavy enough to hear it over the a/c, but Rudi could hear it when he went into the bedroom. My phone just warned me of flash floods, but I am tucked inside for the night, so I think it will be fine. But maybe I’ll go check the dry bags by the window just to be safe.

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