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August 2, 2021

feeling a lack of enthusiasm
posted by soe 1:39 am

We have baseball tickets for Tuesday night, picked during our season ticket pool back in the spring. The way July laid out, none of August’s days were visible on my phone (without flipping forward) until today, which meant the game snuck up on me.

Honestly, I’m feeling a little ambivalent. Partially, it’s the depression; anything that requires any effort is hard. But it’s a hard that I have a lifetime of tools to overcome and I will get myself to the ballpark and will enjoy myself once I’m there.

Second, the Nationals just traded away eight players late last week, including my two favorite team members. I can name a handful of the players remain, and honestly it mirrors the changes I’m experiencing at work a little too closely for comfort.

Third, I’d hoped to go to the movies Tuesday night, which is discount night at our local theater. It’s a minor disappointment (world’s tiniest violin), and one I can get past easily.

Again, I’ll say that once I get to the game, I’m sure I’ll be glad to be there and learning the names of all the new players and enjoying the night. It’s just the idea of it ahead of time is terribly exhausting.

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