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May 24, 2021

recommend a tv show?
posted by soe 1:22 am

With the winding down of all but one of my over-the-air tv shows (which wraps up in three weeks), I’m putting out my semi-annual appeal for recommended series to stream.

Shows we/I have enjoyed recently: The Equalizer, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Rebel, Teenage Bounty Hunters, Mr. Iglesias, Julie and the Phantoms, Haven, Life Is Murder, Punky Brewster, Stacked, Good Omens, Magnum, Miss Scarlet and the Duke, The Republic of Doyle, Frankie Drake Mysteries, His Dark Materials, and All Creatures Great and Small.

I don’t want anything that veers from mystery/detective show into thriller, I won’t bother with reality tv or dramas that get too soapy, and I prefer comedies that are kind. If you have a recommendation, please leave it in the comments.

Ultimately, tv watching is escapism for me. I want characters I’ll like and happy endings. (And if your gut instinct is to recommend Schitt’s Creek, you aren’t the first, but give me a midway point to start the series. If I like the characters I’ll keep going (and even go back to when they were horrible), but I’m not going to sit through two seasons just to maybe get to a point where I don’t hate them all.)

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