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May 9, 2021

may plans
posted by soe 1:02 am

Today wasn’t the most productive day, but there’s always hope for tomorrow, right?

There are definitely some things I’d like to cross off my mental to-do list this month in addition to the key one, which was to get my second COVID shot. But I’d also like to:

  • See my family
  • Clean my apartment, so I can have the pet sitter come
  • Plant tomatoes
  • Find my swimsuit (it might be in my travel bag, since I was on travel two weeks before the world shut down), so I can swim at the pool once it’s open
  • Celebrate Rudi’s birthday when he gets home

I mean there are definitely others, like spend time with friends, socialize with my volleyball team, and be outside as much as possible. But those are the main five.

Are there things you’re still hoping to do this month?

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