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May 23, 2021

five weeks
posted by soe 1:41 am

The Tour de France begins five weeks from today, which unless something drastic happens, my annual knitalong begins then, too.

I loved the shawl I made in 2020, after passing by the pattern at least twice. And I’ve loved other shawls I’ve knit as part of that knitalong. I don’t always rarely finish in the allotted time period, but at least they get done, as opposed to sweaters I’ve attempted to make. So, I think I’ll start now looking over shawl patterns I like and thinking about the yarn I own. That way I won’t spend the first couple days of the knitalong futzing around, mulling options and wasting precious knitting time.

Expect a couple posts about this in the meantime as I mull options. Part of the fun is getting folks to weigh in, even if I don’t promise to heed your advice. (Rudi absolutely did not love Reyna, but adores how it looks in the skein of yarn he’d given me the previous Christmas.)

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