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May 30, 2020

phase 1 weekend plans
posted by soe 1:28 am

D.C. began loosening restrictions today, which includes things like opening parks, but not playgrounds; letting restaurants seat people at a distance outside, but not in; and asking people to observe a “stay at home lite” life.

As such, Rudi and I took a drive uptown for takeout pizza and a quick trip to the grocery store this evening, which is pretty much what we’ve done every third Friday since mid-April.

I have to spend some time working this weekend, but here’s what else I’m hoping to do:

  • Read in the park.
  • Take more beer to the garden slugs. They are hard partiers, despite knowing the consequences. Harvest things while I’m there and consider planting beans.
  • Pull together some library materials to take back later this week, since branch libraries are slowly going to allow curbside pickup.
  • Watch the rocket launch.
  • Really put winter away, since I didn’t follow through on that last weekend and since this week highlighted the need for tshirts over sweaters.
  • Make crackers. Apparently that’s one of the things I can do with my sourdough.
  • Bike down to Constitution Garden to see the ducklings.
  • Drink daiquiris.
  • Do laundry. I should probably launder the reusable bags we have that can be washed. Plus I need cleans masks again.
  • Get a takeaway drink from one of the local restaurants that have been shuttered for months.

What are you hoping to do this final weekend of May?

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