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May 9, 2020

weekend planning
posted by soe 2:02 am

It’s Friday night, which means it’s time to think about the next couple days and how to differentiate them from the rest of the week.

Here’s what I’m hoping it holds:

  • I have already started the weekend by finishing the print book I was reading. I am looking forward to picking out which book will be the next one I spend chunks of time with.
  • If I get up before noon (and that’s a big if), I’m going to try to get to Georgetown before the bank closes at 1, so I can get quarters so we can do laundry. (Rudi discovered that the branch of his bank closest to our apartment has also closed temporarily.) If that doesn’t look likely, maybe Rudi will go instead, since he’s sure to get up before me.
  • Even if I do not go to the bank, I am going to leave the apartment. The past two days have been huge fails on that front, with the furthest I’ve traveled is the sidewalk outside the building to take out the recycling bin. There will be trips to the garden and to the farmers market. I may even ride my bike.
  • I would like to order pizza. I didn’t wrap up work early enough to do it today, so I will give it a shot tomorrow. (I got caught up at the end of the day trying to write a legal contract and then explain in an email to the people on our staff with that expertise what it was I actually wanted the contract to do.)
  • There is going to be some serious vacuuming going on in the Burrow this weekend. Maybe I’ll even dig out some of the vacuum’s accessories. (Yes, I do know exactly where they are.)
  • I’m going to knit some more on my sock. I’m going to darn at least one pair, because I’m out of clean unholey pairs and tomorrow is going to be cold. And I’m going to wash all the pairs that need laundering.
  • Baking will happen. Dessert options are limited right now, but only because I keep taking naps instead of spending time in the kitchen.
  • There are birthdays and Mother’s Day to be celebrated this weekend. (I should probably also think about Rudi’s birthday next Saturday, because that’s definitely going to arrive before I realize, and winging it will be less possible this year.)
  • I have mail to write! The post office is clearly not going to save itself!
  • And I’m definitely going to work on getting some sleep — starting now!

How about you? What’s on your weekend to-do list? (It can totally be a not-to-do list, too.)

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