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May 4, 2020

start of may weekending
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How is it already Sunday night? I swear, I am the most unproductive person!

Friday night, I chatted with my folks while I took my evening constitutional, then finished my audiobook. Rudi made us a delicious pizza for supper. It was the last of the dough from the pizzeria, which might mean we have to order out later this week. I’m just going to tack on dough from them every time now, because for $5, it gets us two otherwise homemade meals.

Saturday, I slept in, at least until 13 airplanes buzzed my apartment. I think Corey, who was curled up next to me, thought we were under attack. Or maybe that I’d added a new, horrible alarm to my phone. I made waffles for brunch (breakfast for me, lunch for Rudi) and then finished reading my print novel. There may have been a nap on the sofa after that while Rudi finished his all-day conference call.

We took a walk after that — nearly five miles! — and stopped at the grocery store. We won’t be going back to that one for a while, so we stocked up on whatever we could carry.

This morning, I headed over to the farmers market, where my haul included another bucket of strawberries, asparagus, lettuce, fiddleheads, potatoes, carrots, and the gigantic five-pound box of what the mushroom people considered “seconds.” I mean, do you see anything in that box you wouldn’t actually want?!

I also bought a bunch of seedlings — six tomato plants, two peppers, and a cucumber — from the nursery that comes to the market, so Rudi and I took them down to the garden this evening and put them in the ground. It may have been the fastest we’ve ever turned around seedlings, but more rain was expected tonight, so we wanted them to have a nice dousing. (Plus, Corey enjoys munching seedlings he discovers in the entryway.)

I browsed some yarn — this weekend would have been the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, and I’m contemplating buying a skein or two as a treat, not that I need it. But I decided to give it a day or two, to see if the urge wears off once nostalgia isn’t as heavily at play.

We watched the season finale of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, which (pun intended) hit all the right notes in what is one of the tightest shows on tv this season. We did, however, need some lighthearted watching to finish the night off, so I introduced Rudi to Agatha Raisin. Rudi made a delicious cottage pie, which we enjoyed as thunder rumbled overhead and Corey dozed on my chest.

And, now, the workweek looms. But while it does, I’m hoping you can share your favorite meat-free mushroom dishes. Because we have a fair few more fungi to finish.

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